As believers in Christ we are joined together as a congregation to do the work that Jesus commissioned his Church to do.

St Paul often tells us that we all have gifts or talents and below are some of the ways our parish members are contributing to, or taking some kind of responsibility for the growth and direction of the Parish of St Anne. No matter which area in which we share our talents it is a ministry in service to the Lord.


Below are individuals and many different parish organisations and their details.

Gift Aid Secretary Steve Bentley
Parish accountant Andrew Mahon
Catechists Kathleen Bentley, Penny Glover, Sr. Monica, Janina Miskell & Jackie Fallows.
Safeguarding Officer Theresa Riley
Caritas Representative Martina Convery
Authorised persons for marriages Steve Bentley and Fr. Glover
Marriage preparation is undertaken on a deanery basis.
Missio Red Box Secretary Mike Miskell
Organists Isabel Ritchie Ingham & Damian Collins
Head Altar Server Febin Soni
Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist at Masses David Keenan, Lee Magodyo, Kathleen Bentley & Femil Soni
Co-ordinator of team of Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist who visit the housebound and care homes John Monaghan
Parish Centre Manager Steve Bentley.
Website Ralph Davis & Tim
These are the following groups of men, women and young people who accept responsibility for areas of ministry: –

The Ladies of Charity and St. Anne’s Visitors visit the sick, housebound and those who live alone on a regular basis.

The parish grounds are cared for by a small number of people.

The cleaning of Church.

Altar flowers.


Fund Raising and social activities.

Piety stall.