As part of the Hope in the Future project Bishop John has asked Parish
groups to try to forge closer links with their local primary schools. Here
at St. Anne’s Crumpsall we have a very good relationship between the
School and the Parish.
The whole school regularly attend Mass in Church.
Confessions are heard class by class throughout the year.
Father Glover goes into school to say ‘Class Masses’ each term. These
Masses are prepared by the children: readings, biddings and music are all
chosen and executed by the children. Parents and parishioners are
invited and encouraged to attend these Masses to support both the
children and the priest.
Each year group or key stage come to Sunday Mass once a year and are
involved in the bidding prayers and the music.
Year 3 (Sacramental programme year) produce a service of Stations of
the Cross in Church during Lent and parishioners and parents are invited
to come along and take part in this devotion.
This year group also invite all their prayer partners and parishioners age
60 + to a tea and Christmas music afternoon just before the end of the
Christmas term, which is always great fun.

The children perform various Christmas concerts and Nativity plays both
in Church and in school to which they invite the Parish.
Many other events also take place;different things each year for
instance the School choir are preparing music to lead the singing at the
Lent Station Mass here at St. Anne’s (Wednesday 20 th . March).


I think we all know the answer to the question!
We can all support the events. Come to the Masses at which the children
are present. Come along to the Class Masses in school. Support the
Stations of the Cross devotions. Come along to the Sacramental
programme First Confessions and First Holy Communions. Whenever
School invite the Parish to some event please make an effort to respond
and support and most importantly be present.
This year particularly, as part of their art projects (headed up by an old
girl of St. Anne’s Primary who is now a teacher) the children will be
inviting the Parish to come across to school to look at their work and vote
for whichever pieces they think are the best. This is similar to what they
did with the Bee art work last year, which everybody really enjoyed.
We need to show the children in real and positive ways that our faith is
important to us and we want to share it with them. We need to help them
understand that prayer and Church are a very normal part of life for
Catholics. We need to make them feel included and cherished in our
I am sure we all pray regularly for our school and the staff and pupils but
now we need to back that up with a little more action.
God Bless.

hopeinfutureOur small group (as yet unnamed) has again met to talk about how we can help our parish here at St.Anne’s become the lively centre of holiness, spirituality , faith and caring that God calls us to be.

We thought perhaps you would like to know who we are and a bit about our Church involvement

1) Our intrepid leader – Anne Cockroft (flowers , piety stall & fundraising)

2) Youth representative –Febin Soni (servers & fundraising)

3) Youth representative –Femil Soni (eucharistic minister, piety stall, fundraising & look after the exterior of Church and presbytery)

4) Fount of knowledge of St.Anne’s –Janina Miskell (catechist, piety stall

5) Hospitality –Mary Carney (After Mass coffee & fund raising)

6) Kathy Bentley (adult catechist, Eucharistic minister, piety stall, fund raising and leader of non -eucharistic devotions)

7) Penny Glover (catechist & those jobs nobody else volunteers for and she can’t avoid!)

If there is anybody out there who feels they would like to join us please let one of us know – we are open to new members or just suggestions and ideas to put Hope in the Future into practice! Meanwhile could everybody please join us in praying especially between Ascension Day and Pentecost for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with courage and inspire us to renew our catholic Faith at St.Anne’s.